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Bettina Sastoque

Bettina Sastoque

STAR - Simply The Ambitious Realtor

Bettina is the Drive & Ambition behind Home Star Sellers. Bettina's goal is to create a stellar Real Estate Team that focuses on and truly supports their clients' individual needs by bringing together a team of specialists that seamlessly provide valuable service in the area that they are most passionate and knowledgeable in.

Home Star Sellers originally started with Bettina in real estate. She got licensed just as the market had turned in 2007, this really forced them to be sharp and develop good habits. Juan, her hubby, you can click on his profile by clicking the arrow to the right, made a 3 year plan to get out of their Soccer Academy business and into the real estate business. For several reasons. 1) Bettina's Papa said so because he felt the industry needed more people who truly want to help instead of sales people. And Bettina's Papa knew that helping people through implementing solutions was something Bettina had become very skilled at. and 2) Juan was spending so much time looking at real estate we needed to turn it into a business. Plus people generally really like Juan as soon as they meet him. Juan is a generally that nice guy. You can't put you're finger on it, but you like him. I think it's his general enthusiastic and positive disposition. Together, they make an amazing team.

The Home Star Sellers brand is built on the basic fundamental value of service and adding value. Bettina was raised by an engineer who was raised "old school" and believed in the "old school" service or "How can I help you?" With many years in the service industry topped with years in Promotional Marketing, Bettina brings this experience to the team and these values to Home Star Clents. A big picture thinker, Bettina enjoys masterminding with top agents throughout the country and helping her team grow personally and professionally using the same skills she is continually fine tuning herself, life experience and marketing. She truly enjoys identifying her clients, team, friends, families needs, and mapping out a way to get them to their goal with the least amount of stress along the way.